Pollution is back around the world

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With pollution on the rise again what are you going to do? Covid-19 drove us to shut down the factories, that resulted in no smog being created, we stopped dumping into rivers, cars exhaust dropped to almost nil just to name a few of the measures that was a result of the lockdowns we put on ourselves.


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With the re-opening of the markets, the pollution level is beginning to rise, and we are now producing mass quantities of a new pollution - Personal Protection Equipment like plastic gloves, face mask plus disposable packaging. The most disturbing is the new medical waste created by the Rapid Covid-19 tests, ventilators, and other medical equipment. Long term pollution will be chemicals created for antibacterial cleaning and hand sanitizers produced that will be potentially dumped in landfills when not fully used.

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Airport travel grinds to a halt

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Visiting family this holiday season will be tough due to Covid-19, the lockdowns, and extra steps we all need to do when we want to travel to our love ones. The airlines are available again and they are disinfecting the airplanes, requiring passengers to wear mask during the entire flight and some have even excluding middle seats to separate us from each other. Flying can be an option for some but others have chosen alternative plans to travel.

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Planning will help get you there, travel plans at a hotel, car rental and extra time off from work. Covering the distance to family members can sometimes take days depending on how far away they are, and you need to sleep. Never drive more than you can handle, your family should understand if your driving is limited to daylight hours only. Travel insurance can give you peace of mind if anything happens during your travel and you need medical or other unforeseen travel expenses. Check with your family before visiting, be prepared in case Covid-19 ruins your holiday plans.